Moneyback Guarantee

Why are there rules for the moneyback guarantee?

The reason I've created a rule for the moneyback guarantee is because a few people have joined, completed less than 5% of the course and asked for their moneyback because "they didn't have the time". This is not fair to the other people who want to join the course as I limit the amount of photographers who get inside every month.

If you know you want to become a full-time photographer following these rules will actually help you succeed. On the other hand if you think you can join this course and become a full-time photographer tomorrow without even watching the videos, please spare us that time.

With that said here are the 3 very simple rules any dedicated photographer can follow:

Rule #1: You must complete 100% of all the course videos

I will track each member to see if they've completed every individual video. Why am I doing this? The reason I'm doing this is because I can ensure you succeed if you watch all the videos inside the course. This course is not a quick way to make money but a guideline on how to build an above average career in the field of photography.

Rule #2: You must setup a complimentary strategy call with me within the first week of joining the course

Why do I require you to have a strategy call with me 1-on-1? This way we can ensure that if you have personally spoken with me on the phone that you have had personalized advice on how you can improve your Instagram profile and marketing to get the most photography customers.

Rule #3: You must write a short one page summary of the things you tried and your opinion on the full course

Why do I require you to write a one page summary? This way we can diagnose what you could improve and what the course can improve.

If these 3 rules are followed I will gladly refund 100% of what you paid to get inside the course.

I look forward to seeing your success when you get inside the course now and I want you to feel comfortable that I will personally help you succeed when you join the course today.


Kyle Benjamin Turner
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